Pricing Handbook

Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques in Pricing


Pricing Handbook

Pricing Strategy Handbook

Value Gap

Value-based pricing

Begin by identifying the gaps in your customers' experience and the drivers of their willingness to pay.

Third, align your monetization model with your customers' revenue model.

Value Metric

Value-based pricing

Value Stack

Second, formulate how different customer types need, utilize, and benefit from the offering differently.

Value-based pricing

Finally, integrate your pricing and monetization plans into your product roadmap.

Value-Focused Innovation

Value-based pricing

"Pricing Innovations helped us to simplify and more importantly innovate our pricing structure. What we appreciated most is that they not only uncovered our pricing opportunity but supported us as we rolled out a price increase."

John Hobday

CEO & Founder - Healthcare Interactive

Get your team together

Pricing is multi-disciplinary. Get your product, marketing, sales, and finance team together.

Set aside two half-days

Set aside at least half a day. Collect the relevant data and validate your inputs.Get together for another half day.

Focus on growth

First identify a specific growth path. Then create the pricing and monetization strategy to execute that growth.

How to make best of your pricing research?

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